Who we are


Music on Wings (MoW) is a creative consultation agency specialised in small business consultation.

We offer expert consultation services in branding and digital marketing, music programs, events and entertainment, as well as publications and music for commercial use.


We focus on providing the best service that engages and impress.


We bring unparalleled expertise and quality of customized service to meet our clients' needs.

It starts with passion.

We're passionate about people and small business.


We craft products and programs that inspire and educate.


With our endless curiosity, we are the innovative company you need to make your products and services stand out from the crowd.


We also know your company is just as much of an individual as ours, that we offer tailored solutions for our clients, from small studios through to established businesses.





Music on Wings (MoW) 是一家專門從事小型企業諮詢的創意機構。






What we do

We look after you.

With an experienced team of designers, editors, musicians, educators and marketing strategists, we can cater to all your business and music needs.


We focus on providing professional yet personal services to our clients. From the first initial meeting through to continuing support and advice, we will listen to you to find out exactly what you need to provide your customers with the best possible experience. Then, using our expertise and skills, we deliver it - it's that simple.

We ask the right questions, we develop insight and understanding, and we deliver outstanding results to address your company’s objectives.



我們專注於為我們的客戶提供專業而個性化的服務。 從首次會議到持續的支持和建議,我們將傾聽你的意見,確切了解你的需要,為客戶提供最佳體驗。 然後,利用我們的專業知識和技能,我們實現客戶的要求 - 就是這麼簡單。


Website design, business solutions, digital marketing, music business training, book and music publications

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